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Low hits, the pain!
I've been plauged with low hits recently. Why do you think that happened? It just randomly seemed to happen, I got a lot of hits and then a few weeks later new material got 3 hits a piece (and I know who each of the hits were too). So what happend?!? The low hits are starting to burn my skin and I think I'm dead on the inside. Why people why!
It is the nature of the game. If you are writing for hits, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. If you write for yourself, then it will not bother you. I, myself, get few hits because of lack of interest in my fandom here. Still, what I do get, aside from my personal spammer, are worth it because they appreciate the effort.
You have a personal spammer? I want one too pouts.

Anyway, I've always only posted on minor archives, so I can't draw comparisons to the hit-machine ff.net. That's also why few hits don't bother me. I get few hits everywhere - except on that slash site where I post:)
Well the only thing I really don't like are 0 hits. Because not even my lazy friends took the time to read it. Though I'm going to keep writing even with the increibly low hits.