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Hi, I'm a new addition to the site!
I'm pretty new to the site. I'm finding that I like it better than FictionPress, and it's just as easy - if not easier- to use. I have the several chapters of one story up so far, with more on the way. They're already written; I'm just in the process of revising them. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to return the favor. :)
Hi I am shadow-fox and I would gladly help you.
I'm new also. I used to just read all the awesome stories on here then I just decided to actually post mine. All of my stories are, well, in the process of being written except for the only one I got posted. I just need to type them...
I'm also new. This is my second post, in fact! I've seen pretty good stories on here as well, and I like how you can rate stuff. I only have one story too! I just posted the second chapter.
I have a few rating points, so I can rate your story if you tell me where it is. (there are so many stories...it's like looking for a needle in a haystack sometimes :( )