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When You Read A Good Story, Review
Hello Everybody,

It's me, twiinklestar, here with a note to all of the readers and writers and ficwad.com. Lately, it seems that nobody wants to review anybodies stories and I think that is why not very many people are writing new stories. Nobody wants to right a story when nobody leaves comments on it. I'm starting to feel unencouraged myself. Maybe I wont continue any of my stores . D: . So this is my message to everyone, REVIEW THE STORIES. I always review the stories after I read them. No matter what. It doesn't hurt you or take a long time to review a story. Simple. Just say whether you liked it or not or tell them to continue. But please don't read the story and then leave. Ficwad.com used to be a place where everybody reviewed, now it's not. As you can tell, many of our great writers have left us: greektitan, mrs-jay, but don't unencourage other great writers to leave this site too. Otherwise there will be no stories for you to read. Now please, take the time to review a story.

Read it.
Like it.
Hate it.
Review it.

Thank you everybody.
I like reviewing stories and writing new ones, so there are still some of us left out there.
please read 'hsm go's to hogwarts'
by sharpay and please read 'pheobe'
love sharpay
totally agree!! =]

please read my big bad Hinata story and my P.A.R.T.Y story


please read my big bad Hinata story and my P.A.R.T.Y story


I agree. D: I like this place because it's new. I don't have all of my fanfics up here yet but maybe one day if I get enough reviews. ^^;
I also agree, and would like to add something. If you do, in fact, review something, and it happened to be a really crappy story, please don't just leave it at "That story sucks." I speak from experience (I've written some really crappy stories. They have been eliminated.) But if the story sucked, maybe give the writer a few tips to make it better. Sure, they may scream at you, or they may thank you. Take the risk.

(Subliminal message: If you're a Kingdom Hearts fan, please r&r "One thing always leads to another" by yours truly, me.)