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fanfics writen in others languages (French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German,...)
I wondered by curiosity if Ficwad plan to host fanfic writen in others languages (French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German,...)?
I don't know... I don't think we have a rule that says they have to be in English. Why not just post them now?
Majority of the board's native language is english. There's other places that accept non-english fictions. I'll PM you links if you want them.
You know I've wondered this myself (not that I have anything sitting on my shelf in my native language...), but since there's no rule I'd say go ahead and post. Ficwad accepts all genres, ratings and fandoms you can come up with, it would only make sense they'd accept languages besides English as well.

Worst that could happen is that you end up with an "illiterate" rating:)
On one hand you could put warnings in english. You might find some people (like me) if it strikes their fancy, will copy and past it to like dictionary.coms' text translator to read it. Then they notice what you're writing about and flame you and try getting your membership revoked. That's a worst case scenario.
Isn't that a bit time-consuming? You could just flame people with English stories. Much easier.

Which is to say: I don't think you run a higher risk of being flamed when writing in another language.
That's just hypathetical. I doubt someone is lame enough to actually DO what I said. If they are... well I'm pretty sure we can fill in the rest. But go right ahead, I don't see any 'Do not post non-english stories' signs anywhere.
The admins here are pretty laid-back. They might ask you to take the story down, but more likely they'll just see where it goes.