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I typed a story and it wasn't published?
yea i wrote an entire chapter on my account ans its no longer there... so yea if any one can tell me wats up id appreciate that.:)
Check in the section you posted it in? This sort of error is getting very common. Usually the stories still get posted, but they don't show up in your editable stories table.

If that's the case, you can copy the text from there and try to reupload. Then you can delete the uneditable version using the links over in the Weird Upload Problem thread.

But why write a story directly in the entry field? I usually write and edit my stories in (insert favourite word processing program) and then copy and paste it into the edit field. This gives me much better opportunities to edit, and it leaves me with a copy when errors like this occur.

Indeed. Many people are double- and triple-posting stories by mistake because they show up in the category but not in the profile. Give it a few days.