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Need reviews or help?
If you need help and(or) reviews contact me and i'll be glad to do it.
and for those people who feel down because they have all those mary sue and cliche ratings its okay i've gotten those to.
Rates like that should help you carry on with your writing, we're all here to tell our side of the story.
Loosen up have fun with it.
who knows?
you could be a big writer in the making.
You sound cool WillBertLovery. I shall call you Bob. It's much easier.
Please could you read my story.
It's crap.
And I need help with ideaos.
Thankyou Bob.
Could you please read and review my most recent story, China dolls and Broken Hearts!!!!!!!
Uhh. I have never asked for reviews before.
But the first happy story (meaning absolutely no death)I have written is having major review problems.
It's an Mcr fic. called "My Way Home Is Through You"
There is another with that name but mine is by Rae_She_writes.
If you don't want to, I understand though.
I'm new and I've never had a review. :( Can you make one for me?
how do i make a story?
Oh, this is great. I'd really like someone to read my story Roxanna. I thought I was doing okay but I got like...two reviews. Could you maybe give me some tips please? There's obviously something that it is lacking, I just don't know what. It would be great if you could tell me.

It is a My Chemical Romance fan fiction.
would you read and review my story 2031 (it is in fantsy)
Please review my new 2014 series. It's a crossover between my other stories 2010 and The Five Gems.

It's funny how many replies this is getting.
Awwh Thanks
Nawh. Your sweet.
Thanks a gazillion.
I have a Fall Out Boy story out.
If you sound interested then check it out. =]