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Who Is Your Stalker?
OK, I really hope that The Melting Pot can have threads about anything and everything, because I want to know who your number 1 stalker is!

Basically, it's that one person who looks exactly like you.

Before I dyed my hair black, I looked like Margo from Despicable Me XD

I know a dewd who looks exactly like Hong Kong from Hetalia, although he denies it.

I also know a girl who looks exactly like the female version of Armin Arlert from Attack On Titan, and she admits that. She was actually the first to notice it...

I don't have one! LOL! :)
LAWL! Also, yesterday I realised that there's a kid in my year at school who's stalker is Steve Forrest from Placebo. Which is pwiddy kewl.