Review for Flames of Betrayal

Flames of Betrayal

(#) Jalahi 2005-09-01

Ah-the plot sickens! VERY original twist at the end of the chapter. The question though, is how was Voldemort able to use the "bone of the Father" from Tom Sr.'s grave during the rebirth ceremony? Im guessing it was because he BELIVED Tom Sr was his father, but I'm curious to see your reasoning behind it.

To nitpick, however, the rest of this chapter felt, well, like filler almost. I think two scenes of James' life was a little redundant-you probably could've used the scene of James getting his letter, and still have made your "Harry regrets not having parents" point quite nicely. They were still quite enjoyable to read, and very well written, don't get me wrong, it was just a simple nitpick

Overall, a great chapter, aside from my little nitpick.