Review for Flames of Betrayal

Flames of Betrayal

(#) keronshara 2005-05-10

I can't tell. Do you like Dumbledore or not? :P

This story is great. I just finished reading it. One thing that I wanted to point out: The Ministry is unable to put a hold or sieze a person's money/property after being thrown in Azkaban. Proof of this is Sirius being able to buy Harry the Firebolt in 3rd year and the use Grimmuald Place. Also think of all the pureblood families who would have their assets seized when they were arrested as Death Eaters. Plus, after all the goblin rebellions, the Ministry can't and wouldn't interfere in their domain. The Ministry doesn't seem to have any say toward Gringott's. (If they did, they would be legally boung to inform the government of escaped convicts or wanted felons use of their account and all transactions.) Just a thought and some that I have noticed in a lot of Harry Azkaban fics.

There are several places in the story where words were wrong or left out, but were minor so that the reader is able to quickly figure out the mistake and continue reading without retracting from the flow. I would recommend reading it through once after you have checked it yourself and with spellcheck just to make sure that you and the computer didn't miss anything. (Most people would be surprised how much the computer can miss - they do spelling well but not grammar, nor do they catch when you accidently type in the wrong word.) FYI - I am an English freak and errors in the written word bug me; though spelling is not my strong suit and goes down hill late at night. (My siblings just call me an obsessive compulsive psycho with too much time on her hands and is way too easily bored.)

Harry's attitude when he is bored reminds me of myself. When I can't think of anything else to do or am to lazy to actually put forth the effort, my stuffed rabbit and myself plot of ways to help rabbits take over the world with our allies, tigers. We plan to leave the grunt work for managing the new government to puppies. :P