Review for A New Life

A New Life

(#) jocaa 2008-08-17

1st-I love Xander. 2nd-I have always liked the idea of Xander going to work with the LA group. 3rd-I agree you should continue this story.

I really like that Xander has "powers and knowledge, but I really hope that his new powers don't make him invincible and all knowing. What makes these story most interesting is the taking risks and over-coming obstacles. Please don't make Giles, Willow and Buffy be all bad -- characters need to have some dimensions -- even Xander (Angel, Cordy, Wesley, Gunn, Etc.) still needs to deal with faults -- being human means he can and will make mistakes. Being good just means that his motives are good.
These are a great group of characters to write about and you have a very interesting premise for a story.

Thanks for your writing - keep it up!