Review for Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden pt 2) Cont.

Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden pt 2) Cont.

(#) SmashAuthority2 2010-05-27

I really don't know how Chey handles having Paige around even though it's not the kids fault. But I love how Gerard is such a good father in this story, it's so sweet.
I sort of felt sorry for Frank in this chapter, he's just so in love with her, my heart goes out to the poor guy.
Anyway, I'm lovin this (and Bad Romance!) Can't wait for an update! xx

Author's response

I don't know how she does it either! I like to think that she's handling it the way I think I'd handle something like that you know?

I like making Gerard a good dad I like to think he's a good father to Bandit so writing him in this role is easy for me.

I know poor Frankie I really don't know what I'm going to do about this little triangle I've created I assure you whatever happens wil be a surprise to both of us lol.

Glad you're liking the new fic am writing next chapter now hopefully if I'm not feeling like a lazy cow I'll finish and post tonight.

Thank you for your review and thank you for Blue Moon. I swear just the tile makes me laugh xo