Review for The Source of Magic

The Source of Magic

(#) Cateagle 2010-08-29

Well, it looks like the independent paths taken by Harry & Hermione are going to converge, likely quite sharply, before too long. Given the feelings Hermione still has for Harry, I wonder how she'll fit in with Harry and Talia? I can see things getting "interesting" and I hope all involved are fairly open to poly- situations.

I admit that I did love Hermione's comment about why the artefact she uncovered -had- to be of extraterrestrial origin. That conclusion does rather fit the established behavior patterns. I have to wonder about that item Hermione found, so far it seems to be functioning mainly as a PDA or possibly a netbook. Given it's still-present connectivity with the Atlan communications "network", I wonder if it might also work as a smartphone and, likely inadvertently at first, allow Hermione to contact Harry (of course, she'd be mightily surprised that he was linked into such a systme and I could see that generating quite a "discussion".

I'm uncertain as to how Hermione will react to the proposed plan of the Altantians to remove Elu from the Earth? I know she's seen both the best and the worst of the magical world and I'm not sure which way she'd move, especially since she's just recovered her parents and they are not magical. There's a great potential for conflict between Hermione and Harry in this proposal. What will be even more interesting is seeing what, if anything, the various wixarding governments try, let alone manage, to do about it. One thing I've not seen mentioned is what this move would do to the magical beasts and other magical sentients now resident on Earth. Would they be relocated or would it be "Sorry about that!! Afraid you're "collateral damage"!"? I would hope this would be thoroughly worked out before any action was taken as not doing so would be quite the irresponsible act; much as leaving the status quo withotu attempting to prevent further Dark Lords from arising.

Author's response

Well, Hermione has grown up a lot in the 2+ years since she first moved to Oz and has experienced a very different life. She still does have her feelings for Harry, though. To be honest, I've had to step back and re-evaluate how they will interact as Talia's kinda taken a much greater place in the story than she was supposed to (why does that keep happening to me? I had the same problem in Familiar.)

The Atlantians have already taken the other Magical creatures and beings into account. They aren't doing this to be cruel, but rather, to put things back as they should have been.

The infopadd will become an important bit of technology. It's kinda funny -- I wrote that part just to be silly, but it kinda worked out well, I thought. People pick on me about my PDA (oddly enough, an old Palm m515) so I thought I'd throw that back in some people's face. That part didn't work, but it gave other people a chuckle.

Thanks for reading and your continued support. I appreciate it.