Review for The Hardest Part

The Hardest Part

(#) TheBambooMuncher 2011-05-23

I am so glad that i'm wired at the moment, otherwise i think i would be a snivelling wreck on the floor. Beautifully written. Much love

Author's response

Awe, thanks honey:') That's so sweet of you, I was feeling really morbid when I wrote this, like thinking for a brief few moments that life was 'just a joke' so 'that's why we're laughing', and just a big middle finger at us who want to live and love but seem to fuck up a lot, and can never get anywhere. But i'm feeling a little better now that i got that out, lols:) seriuoulsy, i love getting feedback, especially from one of my fave authors! Oh! I've got a new website that I'm sharing with some of my 'main characters' in my new truth based fan fiction. The lovely Sam created it for me, and I did the banner, but i'd love for you to check it out:) the address is
Loves you, you awesomeness! xoxo Jamie

OOOOOOooops,scratch that address, it's:
I was gonna buy the domain, but I don't have my charge card with me, lolz:) xoxo Jamie