Review for Without the Awkwardness

Without the Awkwardness

(#) Darkmark66 2011-05-25

Fantastic story Harry/Millicent is very rare and a refreshing change. She is an often mocked character I think its unfair.

In second year if she had to duel Hermione who would know not only how to win but how to make it looks easy or hurt a headlock might be the only way to win and avoid looking bad.

I am glad Herry/Hermione did not work out as I never thought it could she is too pushy.

Ron I thought was always Harry's Wormtail and I thought Percy was a Death Eater in the books. Ginny the crazy fangirl enough said and we never did find out after her second year if she had a horcrux in her head or was ever really treated for having a Dark Lord control her for a school year.

Thanks for the line "withdrawn little boy from the cupboard" when the Headmaster said that line about Harry and the cupboard in the Half blood prince film Harry should have punched him.

I am glad Harry had fun descovered girls, mothers and a hot teacher. Su was a great surprise as she is a very overlooked character thanks to how man people seem to hate Cho I think.

A good end to the story for the Potters and the others. I hope for more Harry/Millicent in the future.

Author's response

Thanks for your kind words. I, too, was really surprised when I saw how few Harry/Millie stories there are so I'm glad to be able to contribute to that pairing.

Don't know if I'll be writing another one, but I do have a Harry/Pansy in the works. Hopefully, that will sate your desire for different pairings.