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Author Note

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2011-06-29

i agree with anotherknifeinmyhands
you see, haters just hate WITHOUT reason. they just wanna put others down.
they don't intend to criticise or anything because i bet if you ask them, they'll have no reason.
it's just giving them some sick satisfaction to intimidate others and make them feel bad.
they themselves, even if they really had a reason to hate on you, are too afraid to openly criticise:/
don't let them get to you:)

Author's response

the night i saw it, i couldn't sleep. i thought someone really did hate it, and that made me sad. but, i have to remember Dumbledore's quote. and when i looked the next day, i saw that they had done that to all my stories. rather than make me feel worse, it made me feel better because now i realize that whoever did that doesn't actually have a soul. so there. i win, bitch.

thanks for the support:)