Review for All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

(#) andreajp 2011-07-31

Highest of high five to you sister! I'm such a dork and really got into this story, I was eyeing Jenna getting ready to sharpen my twig! IN THE NAME OF SISTERHOOD!

Ahhh, just like me to ruin a romantic moment, I'm surprised I could even get Bob. Every time my ex tried to be all serious classic romantic shit I would go into giggle fits. He was trying to tell me something serious when we went out to dinner, come to find out he was trying to tell me he loved me (sigh) and every time he would say "I have something I want to tell you" I would turn blue from trying not to laugh. He gave up and ended up telling me after I tackled him while we were watching football lmao. I'm the same way with authority figures too. When me and my friends were getting yelled at by the cops for god knows what, being a teen? Anywho the cop called my friend John a prick trying to act all mean and stuff.....I held it for as long as I could, my ass let out belly laughs soooo loud! He was all "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?! YOU WON'T BE LAUGHIN' IN CUFFS!" I couldn't stop his vein was wiggling on his forehead too which didn't help. Ahhhh we came full circle talking about killing Jenna to be almost getting arrested! Fun times!

I think my asparagus was poisoned!!!