Review for All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

(#) andreajp 2011-08-01

Is you ex named John by any chance lol. I would've told the twat to take his sauce and gtfo! Hell I would've told him to go suck a nut for his pizza sauce, but then again I am a bitch lol. But yes when I'm pissed off with life I read dirty dirty dirty smut, as you could tell from some of those fic I gave you I am pissed off quite a lot lol.....or just a perv. The point is, fuck your ex boyfriend with a splintered baseball bat!

And when you say Bob you mean my awesome imaginary best boyfriend in the whole wide world? I'm trying to picture him as a tattooist, it just doesn't compute, I picture my Bobert working at Build-A-Bear having to do that little dance with the kids when they're making the stuff animal... noooo I don't know this from personal experience at all.....::hides Miss Candies the Cheetah that I made when I was 18 under the bed::


I really need to keep off the poisoned veggies.

Hope you can update this soon ^_^

Author's response

Haha, no my ex-boyfriends name is not John. I do mean Bob, but you'll see his actual job at the tattoo parlor in the upcoming chapter.

I made a bear at Build-A-Bear and I'm 15 almost 16 so it's all good. He is the cutest bear ever, haha. :)