Review for Love Has Its Ways

Love Has Its Ways

(#) YourFamousLastWords 2011-08-09

o.e I feel smut coming on xD
Who the Fuck is Glenn Beck?
I just noticed, the title says 'Love Has It's WAYS' as in, more than one Way. As in, Mikey Way AND Gerard Way. I know that probably wasn't intentional but if you think about it it's kinda a Waycest-y title. XD

Author's response

Hahaha I wouldn't expect most people on this website to know who he is.... He's some dude on the Fox News channel and he called MCR propaganda.... so there you have it. I honestly don't like him or that channel, seeing as my political views are the complete oppostie of his, so I decided to trash him a bit. So.... look him up. He's an asshole.
Really? You think? I was waiting for someone to notice the "way" pun, I'm guessing you're the first, but I didn't think about the way it sounded all Waycest-ish. I need to think out my titles better. Hmmm....