Review for His Eyes (One Shot)

His Eyes (One Shot)

(#) ladams36 2011-09-04

this should totally have a sequel. That would make a brilliant first chapter. You are an awesome writer, keep it up =D

Author's response

Thank you ! I'm glad you liked it! I tend to underestimate my ability (if you can call it that) for writing, I base my writing off of my inability For writing song lyrics of my own . :( and I have had thoughts for adding on to this, but currently, I haven't been able to write any new chapters of anything on my flashdrive. I have a laptop, but I hven't been able to use it and I'm not allowed to do any writing at school x( . Not writing is driving me crazy ! But yeah, I'll definitely write another chapter to this to see how it goes :) I hate asking people to be patient, but all in due time, I'll do something ! Thank you, thank you, thank you !