Review for Guardian Ghost

Guardian Ghost

(#) tortillachip 2012-01-17

This is great!!! I really like this idea. I was hooked from the prologue, even if I didn't review, and everything that's happened so far really has me wondering what's going to come next. I also like Frank this way. I like him as friendly and loving and caring too, but I don't know what it is about him being a "bad boy" that works. I like that here. I think it'll add more to the story than him being kind and understanding and all. In chapter one I really like that you kind of see that Frank doesn't want the life that the other kids see as perfect. He starts to think about how it's great and all that he's popular but maybe that isn't really what he wants. Maybe he just doesn't want to be  lonely so he crowds himself with people, but it's a different kind of company he wants. It's like what Gerard says in this chapter. I liked that Gerard could tell what kind of person Frank is just by watching him a few times. I guess maybe a ghost doesn't have much to do so they watch and analyze and all that. I really liked that, while Frank is smart, it doesn't seem like he'd always do what he knows is right and his reasoning to do things is really odd, but it makes sense. I thought that was really interesting. Like, when I read chapter one where Frank was talking about how he felt when Mikey ignored him, I didn't think much about it because he was explaining what it was that annoyed him. When I read this chapter with Gerard saying that Frank must be conflicted because his actions didn't make sense. I realized that his reasoning made sense, but was a little wacky. Frank's logic makes a lot of sense to him, but to other people it may seems as if he did things for no reason at all. I like that about this story. It really confirms that he is smart, maybe he doesn't know how to channel his intelligence in the right way, but maybe Gerard and Mikey can help him with that. I really liked that Gerard knows full well that Frank is conceited, but also believes that he could really help Mikey and Mikey could help him too. They both need help and they both need each other, even if they don't really know it yet. Mikey isn't just not talking because he wants to be difficult, he's really been affected by what happened. Someone needs to understand that. I'm glad it was Frank's mom, but I hope he doesn't offend her or something and he doesn't keep to himself all the time. Well, this is really great. I don't know why you don't like this chapter, I think it's really well written and it really shows what Gerard thinks about Frank and Mikey right now. There's nothing wrong with this chapter. I can't wait to see all that comes with this story. Wonderful job!!!

Author's response

Thank you very much; I'm soooo glad that you think this is alright!
I'm relieved that you like this idea, it's different from what I normally write in the respect that I've never done anything supernatural-ish, so it's really good to hear that you like the idea.
I'm pleased that you like Frank's character. I wanted him to be someone who thinks that he has everything because his life is what most people perceive as perfect, but in reality he is very lonely because nobody knows the real him, maybe not even he does. Frank isn't stupid, he does the know the right way to behave in different situations and the right thing to do but that doesn't necessarily mean that he will do it.
You've pretty much hit the nail on the head with Frank's personality in this; he has his reasons, even if they don't make sense to other people, and he'll act on them even if he knows he's in the wrong. But I don't think that he ever actually wants to hurt other people in any way. Frank is smart, he just needs someone to show him that he doesn't have to pretend to get others to like him.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave such a friendly, detailed review; it really does help me write! :)