Review for Five Days To Convince Gerard Way.

Five Days To Convince Gerard Way.

(#) we-redamnedafterall 2012-04-17

You are fucking brill okay.
I'd leave a proper review but everybody's already said everything that needs to be said up there so~
Thought I'd just state how great you are and how much I love your stories, my Formspring anon c:

Yes I still refer to you as 'my Formspring anon' :L Should talk to me on there sometime :3

Love this! Update soon, okay?

Author's response

Thank you!
ahaha, you're all really sweet xD
Aww thank you, i've never really thought i was good but getting reviews like this just make me smile so much:)

Actually i was just thinking about talking to you the other day, and the only reason i go on anon is because i don't have my own account so i hack my friends :L
I always think i annoy you but i'll start talking to you xD

Thank you so much, I'll be updating as soon as possible:)