Review for More Auditions

More Auditions

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-04-19

Just fill out this form
Part:Sam or Mary Elizabeth
Name:Sam Alexis Connor (my name is Sam)
Age: (16-18)17
Gender: Female
Appearance is split for detail
Hair: (worn the same way)
Eyes: Silver-ey grey, medium size
Skin tone: Pale with a natural redness in her cheeks
Body: (Height, weight, etc.): Slim-sh (so medium weight), 5"5, long fingers and legs
What you wear: Band tees (SP, P!ATD, MCR, BB B182) a pair of bright jeans and knee high converses with black and bright green striped fingerless gloves
Tattoos/piercings: Left lip ring, the lyrics "Why Give Up? Why give in?" Spiraling up her right wrist
Personality: Bubbly, and caring, but takes no shit..isn't afraid to stand up and tell you when your wrong (almost like Bob)
Anything else: No,

Good luck writing, and WEIRD my first name is Sam and my middle names are Mary Elizabeth O.O