Review for Summertime


(#) Bella_Jinxx 2012-06-23

Name: Piper Lee

Appearance: hair,piercings,tattoos,skin,eyes,body type: Small. About 4"7. Absolutely tiny. Has big, chocolate brown eyes and soft chocolate brown hair that falls to her middle back. Pale as fuck and only her ears pierced. Hourglass figure.

Style of clothing: Lots of baggy band hoodies (MCR, BVB, FIR, ETF, AA, ADTR, BMTH, FOB, GREEN DAY, THE BEATLES, NIRVANA) and usually a Shane Dawson

Musical preference: Preferably rock or grunge or punk, but will listen to anything. Not generic pop though. EW.

Description of personality: Since I'm auditioning for the lovely Jon's girlfriend, Ash is sweet as pie. She loves Jon with all her rather large heart, and would die for that man. She loves the rest of the band too, and she's often found with them, singing quietly alongside Brendon/Ryan (because in some songs, Ryan DOES sing). She's really really friendly but gets upset easily.

I hope you like her!!! Jon is my absolute FAVOURITE so heeheee ^^
-Jinxxy xxx