Review for Profile of a FicWaddian

Profile of a FicWaddian

(#) CatscanFlyy 2012-06-25

Oh my god Hannibal I'd hug you for that if I wasn't now scared of you like eating me

I can smell your cunt inappropriate

I'm so honoured to be on your favourite authors list - like honestly I had no idea you even read ma shit- I love Blind Ambition so much!

agh you're cool

I think I already follow you on tumblr I'm eye-ear-roh let me know if I'm not and I will

Author's response

Clarice: He said 'I can smell your cunt'.

Hannibal: I see -sniffs- I myself cannot

Favourite scene in the movie xD Dr. Hannibal Lecter owns.

Also, on tumblr, everytime I try to follow you back my tumblr automatically unfollows you. I think it doesn't like you much.