Review for Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying.

Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying.

(#) RockMusic 2012-07-25

Amazing chapter, kind of a filler but good none the less. Now I'm sort of confused. I'm not sure if I read that here or not the stories on this site are starting to merge together, I'm tired and lazy so I'm not going back to double check but I'm 100% sure I liked it. Did Frank punch Ronnie then inspirational speech? Was that here? Was that somewhere else? I don't know. I know I liked it. I'll leave it at that. God my head hurts. Goodnight!

Author's response

Haha, yes Frank punched Ronnie and then gave an inspirational speech.... So, do you mean you liked it? If so, thanks and if not, sorry!
~BulletproofNinja xo