Review for Auditions for a new Collab!

Auditions for a new Collab!

(#) tmbfucks 2012-09-16

Name: Penina Dayne
Age: 15, or however old you need me
Part: The sister please? :)
Killjoy name (if needed): I don't know if you need it, but if you do it's Mythomania Danger
Killjoy outfit (again only if needed): If you need it you can make it up... :D
Looks: Long, straight, chestnut brown hair with a full fringe, big, green eyes with long eyelashes, and pale skin
Personality: Get's angry and depressed easily, but once you get to know her, she's the sweetest person you can meet, but she misses her sister so much.
Anything else? Music is her passion, and has a crush on Fun Ghoul that she doesn't tell anyone about. XD I hope you like it! XD xx