Review for Auditions for a new Collab!

Auditions for a new Collab!

(#) atomickilljoy 2012-09-16

Name: Jennifer Delores
Age: 18
Part: Rouge killjoy :D
Killjoy name (if needed): Atomic Revolver
Killjoy outfit (again only if needed): Black leather jacket, black and blue t-shirt, red converse, and a mask, like Party Poisen's, except it has red and blue stars. The background is black :)
Looks: Wavy black hair up to shoulders, with a hot pink highlight, wide brown eyes, and a light brown complexion.
Personality: very nice, loves to shoot things, has a great sense of humor, makes sexual jokes, and is,naturally, very intelligent. She doesn't usually get mad, but if you DO manage to get her mad, she'll make you pay.
Anything else?: She has a tattoo on her right wrist that says "Rage And Love". She had an older brother, but he died.
Does this have a romantic storyline for each character or what?