Review for Auditions for a new Collab!

Auditions for a new Collab!

(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-09-16

Name: Sam Kassandra Alexx (goes by Kass or Alexx, rarely her first name)
Part:Messenger or killjoy
Killjoy name (if needed): Toxic Angel
Killjoy outfit (again only if needed): An old army jacket, over a band tee (usually either Sum 41, Linkin Park, or Billy Talent), along with ripped up, faded black jeans with black and white checkered converse high tops..A grey and black striped beanie with a pair of green and pink fingerless gloves with checkered sunglasses
Looks: Neon pink and red hair (upper layers are pink while the bottom layers are bright red), worn down and under the beanie, Bright green eyes with hazel in the center, 5"5, scrawny and has a lip ring in the middle (worn with a black hoop red ball)
Personality: Has a mix between a 'dont-fuck-with-me' and 'takatish, take it easy' attitude, when their not busy shes really fun to be around, otherwise quiet and serious
Anything else? Uses the saying 'takatish' (meaning take it easy) way to much and knows bass and drums