Review for Auditions for a new Collab!

Auditions for a new Collab!

(#) KJLucidLove666 2012-09-16

Name: Sephora VanOrden
Age: 17
Part: Rogue Killjoy
Killjoy Name: Lucid Love
Killjoy Oufit: Black skinny jeans, combat boots, black leather jacket, red tank top with a black heart on it. Black heart on a red background is her symbol.
Looks: tall, thin, has some curve, hazel eyes on the green side, black hair that comes to the shoulder with an undershave that goes above the ears. Pale, with high cheekbones and thin lips.
Personality:Can be loud and very eccentric, but can also be moody and non-talkative, depends on who she's around. Kind and caring, kinda is like a psychiatrist to her friends.
Anythings else: Party Poison is her favorite killjoy, just saying ;).