Review for The Lonely

The Lonely

(#) Lirosee 2012-09-23

My GOD! Is it Christmas already or what? So many new chapters, that I read far too fast. Unfortunately!

Don't let this ruined them indeed, I need my dose of Axba or what will become of me?... What more can I say? Slash is an asshole, there!
Love your writing as always, your chapters are short but exciting and meaninful. And you manage every time even with few words to not look ridiculously rushed, that's fine writing. Continue soon please! ;)

Author's response

Haha, thank you! ^^
I'm working on the next chapter at the minute, i can't say what will happen to them after Losing Grip, all will be revealed shortly :P
Yeh i've noticed that they're getting slightly short, i will endeavour to make the next one longer.Shouldn't be too long now until the update, thanks for the review!
Bailey xxx