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I guess this is a journal

(#) foreverfalling 2012-11-11

FIR is awesome. But I used to be a fan of Escape the Fate too. Ronnie Radke will never escape my love. That's just the way life is. :P

I guess I never really cared about abstinence much. I never felt pressured to have sex, but I also knew I was never going to wait until marriage. I wanted to know someone intimately BEFORE tying myself to them for life.
I think it's different for everyone. So long as they are having sex because they want to have sex, and for no other reason I see nothing wrong with it.

Sounds interesting.
Sorry about the suicide attempt. That's sad, even when you don't know the person.

Oh, and randomly added in... I'm pro choice but when I got pregnant I was never able to have an abortion. It's just not something I could do when it came down to it, but my own choice is nothing I'd ever push on someone else.

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Honestly, I felt like that a while ago. Like, what was the actual point in waiting for marriage... but recently my religion has begun to play a big part in it, and I also realized, I feel like the sex is less important to me than being in love. It's weird to explain.
Yeah, I think if people want to have sex, they should. They just need to realize the repercussions that may come afterward.

Yeah, it's sad.

I don't like pushing my opinions on other people, but I just honestly think that abortion is wrong. If someone came to me asking about it, I will always ask them not to do it. (I should stop talking. I'm sorry.)
Wait, you have a baby? :D I had no idea. That's so awesome!