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I guess this is a journal

(#) LaurentheHuman 2012-11-11

Fall Out Boy is ahmasing. Just yes. Amazing. They're up there with MyChem and Nirvana in my favourite band area. What a Catch is so sad. Sugar, We're Going Down is a biggie. I like Homesick at Space Camp a lot. And one of my absolute favourites is Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes (the live version=fuck yeah, but album version is supagood too). And.. Okay so I love pretty much everything they make, okay. Welcome to FOBfangirlLand. :D

I'm sorry to hear about the guy on your swim team. That's awful. On a lighter note, congrats on dropping time and winning the meet and such. I'm proud of you. Here's a cupcake. With sprinkles. Rainbow spinkles. c:

I think I've listened to FIR once. What do you recommend by them?

8 hours? Jeez gurl. I'm pro-choice. Snap. ABSTINENCE! I yelled that at a girl and her boyfriend on the bus and everyone sitting near me just stared at me. It was magical. xD

There's a boy like that at my school too! His name's Matthew. He's like 4'9 in the eighth grade and he looks like a bunny. I just wanna squeeze him. :3


Author's response

Oh, yeah, I watched Sugar, We're Goin' Down. It was adorable, aww.
I don't know if I'm up for another thing to fangirl over. I mean, my life has already been ruined beyond belief from other things... -sigh-

It is pretty awful.... and thank you. :3 Cupcakes. Mmm.

FIR! They're really good. My favorite songs... you gotta listen to I'm Not A Vampire, The Drug In Me Is You, Raised By Wolves, Good Girls Bad Guys, The Westerner.... they only have one album, but they're already pretty popular, I think, because of Ronnie Radke's fame from his previous band. Both good bands.

Yeah, 'twas pretty long. I can see the appeal in being pro-choice, but honestly, I just can't support abortion.
And I am forever a pushy virgin. Well, not in morals, I won't ever "force" it upon anyone, but I can still shout it at people.
Glorious. :D

Aww, I know. I know.