Review for Challenge


(#) The1000500100900 2012-11-13

Well, I'm reading it now, like, the third time today, and I'm still suprised about this little twist you did in this chapter. But it's nice, I like it :3 And there are so many questions I want to ask you, though I don't really hope for a clear answer! Like, what madications of Nikki Mick is talking about? Is Blackie dead i reality? Who would Izzy choose after all (hope Nikki 'coz this two are pretty nice couple :P)? And so many different ;__;

But still, I love your story and, as always, I hope that you'll upload new chapter as soon as you can

Author's response

Third time? Really? That is just awesome beyond awesome. Thank you!! :D I will tell you that everything will make sense in the coming chapters, but please feel free to throw any questions at me. Just in case I miss something or if something isn't clear :$

P.S. I think you'll like the next chapter ;)