Review for Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2012-12-02

wow, don't make me cry. i try not to think about tomorrow too much. i really want to do something with my life and inspire people, but my parents are like 'you can't make a living on that' sighs so what if i end up dirt poor. at least i tried to fulfill my dreams and didn't stay thinking what if forever. i believe if i try hard enough that i can make it...but thinking about it scares me. i'll turn 17 in a few months and i'm so not ready for the responsibility...i watch all my friends grow up and finish school. my brother's already 22 and studying to become a teacher. the sweet little dude i spent my childhood being best friends with (sad i know) but ...i just can't grasp how time seems to run right through my fingers and all the things i've always wanted to do are getting harder to achieve...i just know i have to try. try or die. so dammit...this is just a wonderful thing. very inspirarional. i want to be able to say thank you to mcr later on in my life. i want to make my own happiness. i just hope i can...
xo katie