Review for Challenge


(#) The1000500100900 2012-12-09

I'm just going to share with you my point of view in the first part of review ;) So here we go:
1) I hate Slash right now! How can anyone be so rude to Izzy? Sweet, cute, nice Izzy? It's impossible! I just... No. Izzy doesnt deserve that!
2) I think that Izzy doesn't feel right with Duff, I mean like he don't really feel that feeling is because of how close Duff is with Slash. Maybe Duff reminds him of Slash in some way? That would even match to the situation I guess...
3) Just because of 2 Nikki is the best choice! (Yeah, I know, I'm still talking about the same thing but... What can I do?) Not even because Duff isn't good or not loving enough, but I think that Izzy needs something new... Like Nikki he needs a chalange! :D And, yeah.

So that's what I came up with while reading, not trying to change your idea of the story, just you know trying to show what I feel about. Maybe you'll get some inspiration by that? Who knows?
Really good job, nice chapter. Like always, you made a little twist, and... Yeah, well done!
And the last thing is I really, really, really hope you're going to update faster this time 'cause personally I felt like dying from curious :P Also sorry that this turned out to be sooooo long and for that half of it doesn't make sense!

Author's response

Are you kidding? I love reviews like this!!! I love to hear what people think and feel about the characters.
It helps me to figure out ideas and inspires even more twists :) As long as people are mad at the character's actions and not me these are the reviews that inspire me to write more and faster!

So thank you a thousand times for your review! I'll post the next chapter soon and I really hope you'll give me one of your well thought out reviews again :D