Review for AUDITIONS


(#) YoshikiHide182 2013-01-05

Name?Jasmine Knight

Age? 21

Eyes: dark purple due to illness

Height: 5'4




personality:she's shy but observant about the thongs near her,kind,sweet,but she can get panicky or stressed out at times

hair color: Brown with dark purple streaks on it

if patient in asylum:

how long have you been there (no more than about 8 months, anything longer might be poked around) about 3 or 4 months

why are you there: Because she self harmed herself after the death of her twin brother and she ended up attacking a few people after they took the piss out of her brother death and ended up giving them facial deformities

ok with getting killed off/harmed? I'm ok with getting hurt but if possible could she live a bit if you decide to kill her off.I'm ok with her dying but can you least give her time before killing her