Review for Challenge


(#) shadowvt125 2013-02-14

Hot and heart wrenching in one (lost) breath!
Have I told you how much I love your Izzy (might have done it at some point… once or twice…). Seriously: He’s sensitive (yeah, most write him that way, but there is no farther dimension to it… like said: plain), sensual, endearing yet damaged, strong willed if not stubborn, with a certain wild streak to him. Sigh…
May I quote my favorite line to this chapter (I’ll do it anyway)? ….vanished into the dark cerulean gloom of a heartless L.A. night.
Oh, and the conversation Axl and Izzy are having at the beginning of this chapter: love it!

Author's response

You can tell me how much you love Izzy as much as you want! I will grin really big every time XD I agree he gets shuffled to the background so much I wanted to make him more dynamic and fun.
I hope you stay with this story as I'm not sure just how long it's gonna be. And feel free to comment about anything you'd like. I love reading your thoughts. Do you have a guy you're hoping Izzy ends up with? Just curious :) Thank you so much again!