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(#) shadowvt125 2013-02-18

You know, curiosity killed the cat!* So, you asked for it!
Kind of tricky question, ‘cause it is very, very hard to decide – so much beguiling options!
I’m a habitual shipper of Izzy/Axl – but I don’t think it would work out in this place: your dysfunctional/functional Slash/Axl is way to thrilling and even though your Axl cares for Izzy somehow, he is to mesmerized with his current lover and love experience (not yet -maybe in the far distant future, 25 (light) years from here…) to give his old pal this special kind of second thought.
As for Izzy/Slash: it would be fascinating for sure to see how you forge out the dents and cracks in this already wrecked relationship, some kind of sledge hammer…
“The, I’ll lasso the moon, reach for the stars, climb a fucking mountain love.”…mmhh, yeah!
Your Duff is so adorable, sweet and caring and (as much as if one of those guys could be) innocent – maybe he is just the band-aid Izzy needs, maybe he is tearproof
enough to patch Izzy back together, like some kind of human-spider-silk. And maybe he is able to tangle his prey to cocoon, BITE and finally digest him.
Izzy/Nikki – Nikki/Izzy – just love the concept of this pairing…. Not many writers would come up with those two! Please, don’t take this for a vote! By all means, it is not! This paring has just some so Shakespeare-like-tragedy-quality-options in it (you already titled it) – they just can go down in a blaze ! (Or both of them could get sober – end up with wives…. whatever…)
Regardless which paring YOU chose (‘cause it’s YOUR choice! YOU are writing this – and YOU’re doing this great!) – I’m curious to see wherever YOU will lead!
*First: Thanx for bothering with my ramblings! Very kind of you to reply!
**Just my two pennies – I apologize for it to turning out to be a whole coin roll!

Author's response

I can't tell you how many times I've read your review. It's so detailed and thought out. The fact you pull out details from the different chapters literally made me jump up and down with happiness and you still give me the freedom to choose where to lead the story. I think I'm in fanfic heaven =) Please never apologize for the length of a review, I love all kinds no matter how short or long they are! I will try to update soon and Thank YOU So Much Again!! You're my rockstar