Review for BLOGGING


(#) Sam41 2013-03-11

I don't know you (not to be a cunt, just being totally obvious)

I get where you're coming from (my parents found out and shoved me in therapy, threatening that if I ever did it again they would lock me away in a mental hospital)

You're strong, actually talking to someone.
I like you, because you know what you're talking about

Author's response

Hey, it's nice to talk to somebody who's gone through the same thing as me.

I was kind of hoping to get put into therapy because I really wanted to be able to talk to someone about it properly (which is why I joined childline instead) but my parents didn't bring up that option and I'm too much of a coward to mention it to them. That's horrible. I can't imagine what you've been going through .

I'm not strong. I'm really not. If you had seen me when my mum first saw my cuts then you would've been able to see how pathetic I am. I'm a coward and always have been.
I like you too xxx