Review for The Lonely

The Lonely

(#) Lirosee 2013-03-20

Time flies! It's so nice to see this story finished, it was an amazing ride! And it was Axba, thank god! Like I said before love Slaxl but there's enough out there. Maybe we'll get a mini-sequel, perhaps a drabble of their 10th anniversary? xD

Never stop writing! Share your talent, even if it's not with GnR!

Author's response

It certainly does! I've had a few requests for a sequel, it's an idea that's for sure, I've got a couple of plot-bunnies so you might see something in the future. I agree, there is enough Slaxl out there after all there's other people to pair them with! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, I loved writing it even if it was challenging at times. Thanks so much for reviewing!
B xxx