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Well Tonight, Will It Ever Come? pt. 2

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This was reality. I was seventeen, and I should've left this town a long time ago.

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I've never been amazing at singing. My voice cracked a lot and sometimes I did this weird growly thing that I couldn't really explain to you. I dunno.

Regardless, look at guys like Kurt Cobain and Adam Duritz from Counting Crows. Sometimes you're an even better singer if you feel under pressure, which is exactly what I was feeling now.

The rain just kept pouring and my mind spat out the first thing I could think of. Luckily it was 'Change the World' by Eric Clapton, which I'd had in my head all day.

Then again I'd also had Stupid MF by MSI in my head too...I think I chose the right song.

"If I could reach the stars, pull one down for you. Shine it on my heart, so you could see the truth," I sang softly, slowly, but most definitely unsurely.

She didn't seem to protest though I watched her eyes grow bigger at my voice. I couldn't remember her hearing me sing before. I decided not look her, especially at those huge December-silver eyes.
What a tough crowd...

I sat with my back turned against her small daybed.

I didn't really think when I sang things like if I could change the world how I would be the sunlight in her universe.
It was an old song I'd heard a million times over as a child.

No. My mind was frantic.

Because I sat here, I was very aware that I may not ever get up.
Not of course, in the literal sense, but in the sense that I felt somewhat trapped here.

I wondered vaguely if Mikey had moved.
Officially seperating our lives forever as he moved across the country.

The legend of the incredible Mikey Way had left New Jersey right now.

How weird was it to think that a boy I'd seen almost every day of life since I was a child, had suddenly vanished into a different state?

I felt like somehow my family throughout my life had faded one by one.
My parents had suddenly began to get too busy to listen to talk about my day and my random, silly adventures. They would nod politely at first.
Then there were absolutely no acknowledgements.

It had been freaky at first, kinda like being a ghost.
But me and Mikey had known we were real because atleast we could talk to each other.
He had been my lifeline, but now that was gone as well.

Now I was that lonely ghost child again, and I'd found that I'd subconciously decided to cling to Jade and Elliot.
But I couldn't play oblivious to that glint of worry in Jade's eye. It didn't matter what I said about a job or how I could make money. I was still another human being with primal needs.
Was I still a bother?

"That I can change the world. I would be the sunlight in your universe. You will think my love was really something good. Baby, if I could change the world," I repeated that one line over and over again. I didn't know what the hell I was doing with my voice. Maybe it sounded good. Maybe it sounded like shit.
If I could...but
I couldn't change the world, though.

This was reality. I was seventeen, and I should've left this town a long time ago.

My eyes flicked over to Elliot as her soft, steady breaths filled the room. I was kneeling bside her bed now.
I continued to stare for a bit.
Her life had been hard. Her messy, curly, brown hair had strands in front of her closed, peaceful eyes. I flicked a few strands back. She was still curled up in the feetle position, her fists white from clutching her blanket.
She and Jade were the best friends I had in this world, and probably the only ones I'd really ever had besides Mikey. And I refused to be burden on them.

They had way too many other problems to worry about then me.

So softly I bet over, inhaling Elliot's coconut scent, and whispered,
I'm sorry Elle, but I can't stay here anymore. I don't think Jade needs anymore on his plate. You all got lots of things to do, and I just can't be hear to mess 'em up. So I'm gonna go do somethin' with my life. Just you wait, I'll make you proud. I promise...Goodbye.

--Elliot's POV--
Every piece of me could only echo in reply one simple word to this-"No."
I even think I whispered it.
I sat up straight up in bed, and he wasn't there.
It was just like waking up from an all-too-realistic dream. But I wouldn't let this go.
I hurried out the door, completely forgetting about the storm, the thunder, the lightening.

The World of Nighttime carried on in its furious rage, trying to reach me through the windows. I could practically feel its cool chill eeking out from the cracked window near my bed.
I ran without care.
My fears seemed so stupid when he was near.
I needed him.

Sprinting down the hallway, into his room, I was greeted by a big pile of nothingness-including the suitcase he had brought along.

My heart threatened to bust out of my stomach that it'd dropped down into.
I was losing air.

Suddenly-footsteps! Downstairs! If only I could just see another glimpse of that fading red tip of his head, I would be satisfied.
I stumbled clumsily down the stairs, tripping over my baggy sweatpants. I think I got a splinter on the ragged handrail.

I swung around and there he was in the kitchen, using a Sharpie to write a note to Jade on the napkin. I couldn't pretend like I didn't know what it said.

I asked him anyway.

He pulled away from the note. His cookie-cream skin was gleaming in the flourescent light. His summery eyes were full of regret, tinting them darker.

"Elle I'm sorry, but I can't stay."
"Why not?!" I blurted, trying to forget how immature I sounded.
"Because I just can't stay. I've been in this town too long," he fumbled, grabbing up his bag. He was getting anxious. I could feel a lump growing in my throat, fresh tears beginning to trace down my face.
I was feeling younger by the minute and I felt like all the progress I'd made was unraveling before my blurry vision from my tears.
"I don't understand. You've been here for three days! That's not long!"

"It's not like that...The hardest part of this is leaving you," he crouched down to my height,"If I could stay with you and Jade I would bu-"
"You can! You can stay! You have to because, I think I'm in love with you!" I blurted out as a final attempt.
I was hoping that it would be as I saw in the movies when it came to love, and that he would just instantly feel the same towards me and we would kiss and everything would be okay.

All Gerard did was scrunch his eyebrows and give me...
a sympathetic look.

"Elle, I think you're too young to understand what love is."

My world came crashing down in the blink of an eye.

"But you will eventually and the guys will be stumbling over you. You're gonna be a knock out," he tried to cheer me up as he caught my tears with his fingers. I could tell he was trying to cheer me up, but my heart was hysterical. This wasn't just some crush.

"I don't want anyone else but you!" I tried to explain to him, but I could tell I had lost him now.
He brought me close into his arms, and I felt his embrace around me-but it wasn't what I had been hoping for. This was just a farewell hug.
"You don't want me, hun, trust me." I heard him whisper. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hear that. But I did.

And then he was heading off to the door. I didn't know what to do with myself.
So I followed the gorgeous vampire out the door, but stopped at the porch where I'd first seen him. And he hurried off into the car. He looked me into the eyes one more time.
Nope. I still melted inside when I saw his summery green eyes.
A saw something like a smile flash his lips. Put it in reverse. Drive.
And he sped off through the storm, and out of our lives too.
I let out a cry that sounded exactly what my heart was feeling at the time.
Breaking. And I think it woke Jade up.

Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you
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