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Chapter 2 - The Mail Boy

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The second interview - the mail boy.

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Chapter Two - The Mail Boy
It wasn't that I was worried about getting Agent Mahone in trouble - from what I'd seen he was screwed anyway - it was the fact that I would end up in trouble. It was only that one time. His secretary had been flirtin' with me for weeks and ... well, she was pretty and I was up for something fun. Admittedly, I hadn't expected THAT, but hey, it was a thrill.

"Mister Forest, you work in postal. Did you ever notice anything out of the ordinary with special agent Mahone's mail?"

Neither of us really liked him 'cause he was a bit of a bastard really. He'd be nice as honey one minute and then snap at you for no good reason the next. So it was almost like getting back at him for that, only he didn't really know about it. Suppose that kinda defeats the point.

"Nothing at all? Packages or letters from strange addresses? A regular delivery that seemed out of place in a federal office?"

The sex was alright I suppose. I'd had better but I'd had worse, too. We knocked a few things off the desk and Rachel - or was it Rebecca? - scarpered pretty quickly once we were done. So I was left to clean up, make it look like we'd never been there. And that's when I found them. A pen had fallen to the floor and the lid must have been loose 'cause it'd come right off.

"If he's threatened you into silence, we can protect you. You've nothing to worry about."

Right there next to the lid was these pills, three of them, little round blue things. I thought, 'Why's he keepin' pills in his pen?' And then it hit me - they obviously weren't legal, or else why would he keep 'em hidden?

"Well ... there was this one thing, sir."

I never told anyone before because I didn't want them findin' out about Rebecca - or Rachel, whatever - but they don't need to know about that to know what I found. Plus, it's really hard to lie when there's a dude in a suit glaring down at you and practically demanding information.

"There was one time, I found some pills in his office. I was ... er ... droppin' off a letter and I knocked over his pen and this little pills fell out. I dunno what they were but I just thought it was a bit strange that he kept 'em in his pen."
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