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I drove into the city that night. I remember the storm passing. And it being so quiet afterwards.

The neon lights were getting closer and closer as life bustled on, undaunted by fierce Mother Nature.

I was tired, and kinda out of it.
All I wanted was a place to sleep.
My heart slammed against my chest in reminder of the perfectly good mattress I'd left at home.

I'd think about that tommorow.
Mikey and Jade and poor Elliot.
I don't want anyone else but you!


I shoved them all to the back of my mind for safekeeping. This was for the best.
I would make my way here and when I'd come back, only then could I live with Jade and Elle and I wouldn't feel like a burden to them.

I found a cheap motel and a mattress that was probably even moldier than the one I'd left behind. I crashed onto it.
I couldn't fall asleep.

I was anxious about daybreak and my new life. And thought I'd try to push Elliot to the deepest corners of my mind, still her crying face showed beyond my closed eyelids.

Maybe for reconciliation, for karma, or I don't know what-I think I prayed.

Saints protect her now
Come, angels of the Lord
Come, angels of the unknown

I fell asleep.
It was 4:38 AM.

Then I woke up in a hospital five years later.

I was greeted by a shadowy ceiling. It was nighttime obviously, but a lot of moonlight was filtering through the window. My first coherent thought initially was-
Oh shit. I do NOT have the money for this.

Then came the more productive thoughts:
Let's see
I'm Gerard Way.
I'm 22 years old.
I'm in a hospital.
Now [/why
are you in a hospital?/]

Nothing. There was a complete pause as my mind's track sputtered off to a void.
Why are you here?
I pushed my mind harder and suddenly out of the abyss came a sharp pain.
I groaned and my hand instinctively went to my forehead, but it was tender. Must've been a bruise.

My ears woke up too just like the rest of my sense and I became aware of a beeping noise. A monitor having now sped up as I felt pain.

That was on my right.

I looked to my left and the monitor's beat fluttered like a hummingbird. There was an IV tank, my eyes unwillingly followed the cord down to where
a needle was attached.
Piercing into my vein.
I freaked.

Unwillingly a scream wretched out of my lips like vomit.
I was thrashing around like a fish out of water.

My door flew open and amazingly Mikey came to my side.

For a moment I was stunned, staring at my perfect younger brother. He had gotten so old. He flickered on the flourescent lights. I lost my sight momentarily.
Once vision started coming back to me, he was standing over me, his half mooned spectacles peering over me anxiously. I was trying to take in deep breaths.
A plump nurse scurried quickly in, checking all of the machines around me.

"It's the needle. He's afraid of them!" Mikey hurriedly explained, pointing over to my arm where I was stuck. I wanted to crawl out of my skin just thinking about it.
"But standard procedure says-"
"He's wigging out!"
"PLEASE!" was all I could beg hysterically.
I was a grown man. I knew better than to cry. But damn if I didn't want to at that moment.
For a moment I knew the nurse paused to think about it. Then she went to my other side and unhooked me. It was all I could do from squirming away as I felt it easing its way out.
I heavily sighed as I felt the damn thing clatter into the bottom of my tin trashcan. As soon as it did, I was on Mikey about everything.
"I'm sorry Mikey all those years ago I didn't mean-"
"It's fine, Gerard. Listen I mean, what happened to you man? Someone found you passed out in a Wal Mart parking lot. Where've you been all these years? You look awful! I mean-"
"He may suffer a mild case of temporary head trauma. Be careful not to overwhelm him."
said an Middle Eastern doctor.

Though I didn't much appreciate him talking about me as if I weren't there, my head already felt like it was going to bust under the pressure.
Mikey bit his lip and showed great difficulty restraining his questions.
But I felt a weird serenity go over me. It felt foreign. Something told me, though, that I'd have a long time to talk things over with him.

And even though I'd just woken up, my body felt already racked with absolute exhaustion. I plummeted back into unconciousness.

Author's note: Well finally an update. Alot to take in huh? This is where things finally start to pick up. I'm excited ^-^ Btw Interlude is one of my favorite songs by MCR just for random trivia
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