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Meeting Daddy Dearest and The Vampire Man

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Cami meets her dad and the band.

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"Ok here you are miss Walker" Harrison the driver that had greeted Cami at the airport said as he pulled up in front of three black and silver tour buses, that were parked behind some random stadium in Texas. Cami yawned and climbed out of the car rubbing her eyes. She still had her school uniform on from earlier and really wanted a shower and a cigarette as she had chain smoked her way to JFK and no one would sell her a pack of cigarettes as she was only 17 years of age. Cami turned to face the driver, she thanked him as he handed over her duffle bags before getting back into the SUV that had picked her up from the airport. She looked around there were a few people standing around talking. Cami looked up and saw a dark haired pale skinned girl walking towards her.

"Hey!" She called out to the girl. The Girl stopped and looked at Cami questioningly. "Yes do you need something?" She said with a smile. "Im looking for someone, Kyan Walker. Do you know where he might be?" Cami said looking the girl up and down. The lady nodded and smiled. "yeah I think he's on the bus with the boys something about an interview. I think they're in there if not just wait for them" she said pointing to the middle bus. "Uh by the way Im Jamia" she said suddenly. Cami nodded. "Im Cami, it was nice meeting you. Thanks by the way' she said picking up her duffle bags and walking towards the middle bus. She climbed the stairs and looked inside. The bus was empty. Cami sighed and flopped down onto a couch by a table. She saw an open pack of cigarette's and took one lighting it. She took a drag enjoying the taste as she inhaled it. Suddenly she heard voices outside. They grew louder as two guys came onto the bus.

"Well whoever said anything was possible obviously never tried to slam a revolving door did they?" A guy with a scorpion tattooed on his neck said as he walked past Cami not even acknowledging her. "How was I supposed to know you couldn't slam a revolving door?" The guy said as he picked up his wallet off the counter and took a $20 bill from it and handed it to a guy with glasses and blond in his hair. "I should make bets with you when your hyperactive more often." The guy with the glasses said giggling. The two unamed men turned and saw Cami sitting on the couch smoking. The guy wearing the glasses tilted his head to one side curiously while the other guy reached over and took the cigarette from Cami taking a drag himself.

"Who are you and what are you doing smoking my cigarettes?" The tattooed one said handing back the cigarette to Cami. "I'm cami and you are....." Cami said standing up and looking at both guys. "I'm Frank" the tattooed one said "and this is Mikey" he continued gesturing towards the guy wearing the glasses. "What are you doing on the bus?" Mikey said his head still tilted to one side staring at Cami confused. "Uh Im waiting for Kyan Walker" Cami said looking at Frank and Mikey. "How do you know Ky?" Frank said walking over to the fridge and grabbing a coke from the fridge while throwing a bottle of iced tea at Mikey which he caught without even having to look up. "He's my" Cami said after a small pause. She didn t know if she could honestly call him that. Well biologically Kyan was her father, but he'd never really been around. Of course they talked on the phone every few months but it was only really ever for 10 minutes or so never much longer than that. Cami honestly felt more comfortable calling him Kyan than anything else. Then there were more footsteps followed by two more voices that were chuckling together.

"If I didn't know better Id swear it was Freddie himself up on that stage" Cami heard the voice of her father say as she climbed the stairs onto the bus. He turned the small corner and looked up. A look of confusion then happiness clouded his face momentarily before he rushed over and pulled Cami into a hug.
"What was it this time? Putting dye in the school swimming pool?" Kyan chuckled as he patted his daughter on the back as he hugged her tightly. "No it was making the swim team sick and vandalising the school gym" Cami said with a small laugh before she and her father disentangled themselves and sat on the couch. Cami looked up to see the other guy standing awkwardly by the counter pouring himself a cup of coffee. The guy had pale skin and messy black hair and beautiful hazel eyes. His face made him look like an angel while the clothes he was wearing reminded Cami of Edward Cullen from the twilight series. She loved those books but there was one thing that really annoyed her and that was the perfection of Edward Cullen himself. The guy looked at her, his eyes searing into her soul, he momentarily lost his focus just long enough to drop his coffee cup and hear the ceramic smashing on the floor of the bus.

"Gerard you ok?" Kyan said as he leapt up off the couch to help him clean up the mess. "I'm fine" Gerard mumbled as he glanced at Cami who was blowing smoke rings into the air now.
Something weird had just happened he couldn't really explain it.

But it felt a lot like imprinting.
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