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A little green is good on you

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Gerard's emotions begin to present themselves in various ways. Cami's boyfriend makes an appearance.

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"Who's the barbie doll?"
Cami heard someone say as she walked backstage. Cami ran a hand self consciously through her blonde hair. She'd wanted to dye her hair for a long time she hated being blonde it made everyone think less of her for some reason and that really pissed her off. Cami found a chair and sat down drinking the coffee she'd bought from a star bucks a few blocks from the arena they'd travelled to. She scanned the room and spotted Gerard who was sitting alone in a corner his head buried in his sketchpad with his i-pod in his ears. Cami smiled to herself and got up wandering over to Gerard. She pulled an earphone out of his ear and looked at his sketchpad. He'd been sketching her again.

"Do you ever not draw?" she said taking the empty seat next to his. Gerard looked up and smiled shyly at Cami. "Yes when I'm on stage. But even then I’m kinda drawing; the show itself is a piece of art you know?" He said brushing a stray strand of hair from his eyes. "That didn’t really make sense did it?" Gerard said looking at the slightly confused look which had taken residence on Cami's face. "It does and it doesn’t" Cami said chuckling softly along with Gerard. She heard Gerard's name being called by Frank. “Go they need you” she said smiling warmly at him. Gerard got up and walked over to the band. Frank looked at Gerard curiously then back at Cami who had her I-Pod out and was texting on her cell phone. “She’s something isn’t she?” Frank said as Gerard caught up with him. “Don’t even start Frank; she’s Kyan’s daughter I’m not going to lay a hand on her you remember what happened with our last tour manager?”
“Kyan’s going to retire to Florida?” Frank said confused. “No he’ll quit and we wont get another good manager like him” Gerard said with a little impatience to Frank who shook his head. “Whatever Gee, you like her and I know you got dumped like 3 days ago by your wife but. Cami is hot, although she’d look better as a brunette and she seems cool. Go for it” Frank said with a laugh patting Gerard on the back. Gerard shook his head. “No Frankie don’t put ideas in my head.” Gerard said pushing Frank playfully away. “You mean in your pants Gee” he said looking pointedly at Gerard’s crotch. Gerard glanced down and saw the rather large bulge that had appeared in his skinny jeans. “That girl can sure make you pitch a finely endowed tent” Frank said cracking up at his own joke. “It’s not funny Frank” Gerard growled slightly trying to adjust himself before catching up with the others.
"Whats Gee doing?" Bob said to Frank giving Gerard a weird look as he adjusted his pants. "Cami helped Gee pitch a tent" Frank said giggling hysterically. Bob began to sputter with his deep laugh and Ray raised an eyebrow grinning at Gerard as Mikey giggled just like Frank. "Shut up" Gerard said as he reached the rest of the group before going to do their soundcheck for the show that night.

Cami removed the towel from her head and looked at her newly dyed hair. She'd gone a rich dark brown. It looked amazing. She blow dryed her hair then straightened it before heavily outlining her eyes with black liquid eyeliner and adding a beautiful green eyeshadow to accentuate her brown eyes. She pulled her clothes on and walked out of the small bathroom that was on the tour bus bumping straight into the last person she expected to see.
"Ollie!" She screamed before he pulled her in for passionate open mouth kiss. They remained like that for a few minutes before Cami broke away from him.
"Before you even ask, I called your dad. He told me where you were and I've come to join you for a few weeks" He said kissing her again. Cami grinned and felt Ollie press her up against the wall. She felt his body melt into hers as their makeout session got hotter and hotter. She felt Ollie reach up her shirt when the curtain was pulled back.

"Woah horny much?" Frank said laughing with a slightly freaked out looking Gerard beside him.
Gerard looked at the guy who had his hands all over Cami. He was tall and had shaggy black hair with a sweeping fringer. He had his eyebrows pierced as well as Snake bites and a tattoo along his wrist which read eternal damnation in black cursive writing. Gerard watched as the boy pushed the sweeping fringe out of his face and looked at Gearard. "Well can you blame me? She is hot" he said directing his comment at the both of them. Frank laughed but Gerard stayed silent. They way this boy had been touching Cami made him feel slightly sick to the stomach. He shook his head slightly and looked at the boy. "And you are?" he said with a bit of annoyance in his voice. "Im Ollie Stanson" he said extending his hand which Frank shook. Gerard just looked at it then looked back up at Ollie. A few moments of awkwardness passed Ollie withdrew his hand. "Uh well its nice to meet you. Gerard and Frank" he said laughing awkwardly. He took Cami's hand and led her away. Cami glanced over her shoulder at Gerard who had his back turned. She sighed and walked out of the bus with Ollie nodding along to whatever he spoke about.
"Jealous Much Gee?" Frank said looking at Gerard. "Not jealous, just concerned." he said as they turned to leave the bus again. The image of Cami and Ollie up against the wall appeared in Gerard's mind again. It took all the self control he had not to punch something.

He wasn't jealous.

Not at all.
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