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Chapter 5 Bessie's first Strike

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Bessie Higgenbottom has found a new friend and that's not good for her friend

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Meanwhile the other boy was coming back from being passed out by Bessie as Violet's evil laugh echoed through the house.
Boy(Strugling) I- have- got- to- get- out- of- here- quick- what did she do to me?
Violet opened her bedroom door where she tied the boy up with Jack Jack's old supersuit and grinned down at him.
Violet: You just brought a one way ticket to Parrville population you, your sister, me, and of course your Grandma and your cousin Apple.
Boy(Struggling) What happened the last thing I remember I was fighting The Mighty B! The next I'm here tied by red pajama's.
Violet: Get used to them because you just inherited them Jack Jack, see I wanted a Dash but then I got to thinking why not just take Jack Jack instead?
Boy: But you don't even know my name, I mean what if it's Jack Jack?
Violet(Untying the boy) Then that would be a coincedence now wouldn't it?
Boy: It's Jordan and there's no way your going to make me wear those pajama's.
Violet: I don't have to make you, their so snug and warm your not going to be able to resist them Jordan.
Violet brushed the pajama's against Jordan's face as he rubbed them on his cheeks and she grinned.
Violet: Hot out of the dryer Jordan, your going to love the feel of them against your skin.
Like a puppet Jordan laid down as Cassie walked up in her new suit ready to start bringing people to her mothers tummy.
Violet(Pulling Jordan's clothes off) It's so much easier when you don't fight isn't it?
Cassie giggled as green smog covered the hall and a boy fell thorugh as she crawled up to him rubbing her suit against him.
Boy: Jordan what is Violet doing to you?, and why do you look so comfortable while she does it?
Violet: I'm making him Jack Jack my new son, and if you have a problem with it take it up with Bessie Higgenbottom and her daughter.
Cassie pressed her nose against the boys as he saw more green smoke esacping from her suit.
Bessie(Grinning down at the boy) Good job sweetie you brought one of the boys on my bully list here.
Boy: Look Higgenbottom I'm sorry for all the things I've done to you I promise I won't do it again.
Bessie flexed her muscles as her whole body grew them and she grabbed the boy.
Bessie: Not as sorry as your going to be, see my daughter has a little boy fighting inside of her but if she get's her daily dose of soul food she becomes a little girl.
Boy: But what about all the responsibilities that come with having a daughter, I mean diaper changings, clothes washing, attention giving what about that?
Bessie(Pinning the boy to the wall) I have it covered and I think having a little girl could be the best thing to happen to me.
The boy squirmed as Bessie's muscles held him to the wall and she laughed at him as his eyes grew fearful.
Bessie: You should be scared because I'm about to crunch every little bone in your body until your dead and my little girl can feed off you.
Jordan ran from the room and grabbed Cassie as Bessie turned quickly and saw Jordan with Cassie.
Bessie: I'd put her down if I were you, I mean skunk girl hates to be held at all times.
Jordan(Laughing) Puhlease what could she do to me stink at me, ohhhhhhhh I'm shivering in my sneakers.
Cassie perked her tail up and sprayed Jordan in the face as he fell over and Bessie shook her head smiling.
Bessie: My little Cassie is a stink artist, now back to my bully.
The boys name was Bobby Macarthur ran down the hall with Bessie chasing him cackling the whole way as Cassie crawled ready for another burst of stink.
Bessie(Huffing) You- better- keep- up- that- speed- little- bully- because- my- daughters- burst- might- kill- you.
Cassie(Clapping) Inky moke, inky moke, inky moke, inkkkyyyyyyyyy mmmmmmmoooooookkkkkeeeeee!
Cassie's tail whipped out as Bessie held a triumphant smile as green smoke escaped from it knocking Bobby down.
Bessie(Whipping Bobby back against the wall) Looks like my daughter will get her soul food after all, and Jordan will become Jack Jack.
Violet(Grinning) Don't be so sure he looks more like a Dash to me, and with a dash of Dash comes a cup of Bessie Higgenbottom.
Bessie(Squeezing Bobby) There goes your bones and internal organs, now feed my little girl as I help Violet make my dream boy.
Violet and Bessie cackled as Bobby's mouth squirted with blood and a white light shot into Cassie as she rubbed her tummy giggling.
Cassie: Ummy man, man's ummy ommy really ummy.
Jack Jack made his final scream as his soul shot into Bessie and Cassie trotted off in her PJ's to find another boy's soul.
Violet: A dash of Dash's super suit.
Bessie: A cup of blue eyes.
Violet: Half a cup of super speed.
Bessie: Two cups of cootie hating.
Violet: A bowl of show offness.
Bessie: A gallon of freckles.
Violet: One whole cute boy.
Bessie: And one million cups of the blondest hair ever.
Violet: Mix it together real good, place it on the unsuspecting boy, and veoula we have a Bessie Higgenbottom boyfriend.
Bessie grinned as Jordan gagged and was starting to wake up with Dash's super suit on as Violet grinned also.
Jordan(Squirming) Ahhhhhhhh I feel like showing off and running faster than fast.
Bessie(Snuggling close to him) And that's just the way I like you, cute and all mine for the taking.
Jordan made to scream as Bessie's lips neared him and she left pink, glittery, lipstick all over his lips.
Bessie(Dragging Jordan along with her) Come on sweetie pie I'll introduce you to your new girlfriend and her life.
Cassie giggled as she perked her tail up again and giggled watching green smoke fill the room and bring another unsuspecting boy to their doom.
Bessie: Lou meet Cassie your new bully and guess what?, she may have a thing or two in store for you.
Cassie grinned as she held out a pudgy hand and led Lou Bessie's biggest and most hurtful bully to her room.
Bessie(Setting up a teapot and cups) You two have some fun, you're going to have a tea party and my littelest Munchkin's going to be the hostess.
Lou: I don't really do tea parties so fuck off.
Cassie slinked against Lou as he shrank and turned into a baby and Bessie giggled grabbing Lou and placing him in a playpen.
Bessie: Looks like somebody forgot their playdate with my sweet little girl today.
Lou grew fear in his blue eyes as Cassie giggled and grabbed Lou leading him to a tea party she made for the both of them.
Bessie: At this rate I'm not going to have anymore bullies for a very long time, because Cassie will just send them on their way to their doom.
Cassie saw Lou wasn't liking the tea party as her tail perked up and blew green smoke right under his nose cackling.
Bessie(Giggling and counting on her fingers) In 3-2-1- and 0 ladies and Gents he's down for the count.
Lou fell as Bessie grabbed him and led him to a chair that she liked to call the Bessie loving chair.
Bessie(Placing a metal hat on his head) Too bad your a baby because your bullying ways against me are going to be reversed.
Bessie turned a TV on as The Mighty B! was starting and tongues bounded Lou to the chair as Bessie cackled evily leaving Cassie to guard the door so Lou wouldn't escape.
Bessie: Let's see you get away now Lou, Cassie will grow to be just like me and you'll be the one in love with her, I mean she already looks and acts like me.
Cassie clapped her hands as the tongues tightened around Lou's stomach and all Bessie all the time surounded him as TV's turned on all around him.
Bessie: You used to call me a freak but now you'll see that I'm really not too bad once you get to know me.
Lou tried closing his eyes as Bessie forced them open and taped his eyelids open as she sat next to him grinning.
Bessie: I think they totally got my good side on TV, what do you think Lou do you see my good side?
Lou shook his head no as Bessie just laughed and a big screen fell in front of Lou as Bessie appeared in front of him in surround sound.
Bessie: Now you'll never be able to ignore me, now excuse me but I do have a boyfriend to cuddle with.
Lou hated what Bessie was doing but he was too small to do anything so he had no choice but to let her oversized voice erupt into his head.
Meanwhile Jordan was trying to get out of Dash's suit as Violet noticed and giggled down at him.
Violet: Good luck Dash or Jordan, see Dash wore that suit everywhere and now so will you just like he did.
Jordan(Struggling) No I won't because I'm not Dash I'm Jordan Marsh, now what do you have to say to that?
Violet(Tickling Jordan's stomach) I say you just became weaker, see Dash couldn't resist tickling and you being Dash can't either.
Jordan gasped from all the laughing he was doing and he suddenly felt the fast speed slowly leaving him.
Violet: You see there's no way of you being anything but Bessie Higgenbottom's boyfriend and my brother.
Jordan groaned weakly as he started seeing visions of Violet in a witches cape and hat cackling as Jordan shivered and Violet patted his head.
Violet: Sweet dreams Dash, and let's just say your niece and I will defintely be making an appearance.
Jordan shivered again as Bessie walked up with a grin on her face leading Jordan to a dark room with nothing but pictures of Bessie around.
Bessie(Kissing Jordan's lips) I'll be out in a second you just make yourself comfortable all right?
Jordan shuddered to think what Bessie had planned for him as a cackle was all he got from the other room Bessie went into.
Jordan: Whatever she has planned can't be good because I feel she's not a really good doer in my or anybody else's book.
Bessie came from the room quicker than she went in with a pink laced nightgown smiling down at Jordan who gulped.
Bessie: In order for me to make you Dash I have to make you feel like Dash, see I wore this when I forced myself on him and I'm going to do the same to you.
Jordan screamed as Bessie neared him and laid across his body on the bed.
Bessie: See this is the same way Dash was, he was never the same after this but you will be because Dash and I have a connection now.
Jordan(Flailing) You'll never get away with this, you have no idea who you're dealing with.
Bessie's eyes grew with passion as she slinked up Jordan's body and she was eye to eye with him.
Bessie: Nooooooooo you have no idea who your dealing with Jordan, Bessie Anne Higgenbottom AKA the Mighty B! and I always get what I want.
Jordan made to scream as Bessie threw her nightgown off revealing her body but her hands covered his mouth as she grinned.
Bessie: Maybe next time you'll think before messing with my plans hey Jordan?, and also maybe you'll be a little more prepared if there ever was a next time.
Jordan's eye's snapped open and he found himself in Dash's room dressed as Dash and Bessie's triumphant cackle echoed around the room.
Jordan(Screaming) Nooooooooooooooo what has she done to me?
Violet's laughter could be heard from outside Dash's door as the knob slowly turned and the door opened to find Violet with a crystal ball.
Violet: You forgot to mention that you had a kid brother, but no matter soon he'll be my daughter and I'll train him in the art of nightmares.
Jordan: I want my life and my body back give me them back you mean old witch.
Violet(Smiling) It shouldn't be me your afraid of Jordan, see Bessie's back and it should be her that your scared of.
Jordan: Do as I ask and change me back or there are going to be consequences.
Violet: Consequences hey?, well it seems to me that there are consequences to being my little brother too like the nightmares.
Violet blew a breath on Jordan and he passed out due to her breath and she giggled silently tearing her clothes off to reveal a witches robe.
Violet: I'll get you my pretty and your little brother too he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Dash's room changed to Jordan's little brother Andy's room as Andy was seen cuddled up tight to his blankets and Violet pulled off a purple backpack.
Violet: See Jordan now you get to witness the demise of Andy Monroe and the birth of Lilly Analise Parr.
Violet pulled out ruffled underwear and a silk purple nightgown with matching slippers as she pulled Andy's pajama's off and she began slipping the underwear on him.
Violet: Too bad you can't become my daughter Jordan, I actually think you'd enjoy it more.
Jordan tried screaming Andy's name as he just moaned and turned over as Violet slipped up the underwear.
Violet: Undies check, now for the nightgown see it's incredibly stretchy material so it should just stretch around his body.
Jordan ran at Violet as she stuck her boot out tripping him and placing one of her boots on his chest.
Violet: This is the third time I had to do this in a week, but I'm not complaining it gives me an excuse to buy new boots.
Violet stretched the nightgown's material finding Andy's height and weight and slipping it over his arms as it fell with a swis onto the sheets.
Violet: Your brother's a really sound sleeper Jordan, and I'm giving Dash my old daughter to my mom, my new daughter will act just like her mommy.
Jordan tried screaming Andy's name again as Violet pulled the slippers out and measured Andy's feet grinning down at Jordan.
Violet: Their a perfect fit until I can buy her new ones, which if she's anything like me will be soon because my feet were ginormous until I was 15.
Jordan tried to push Violet's boot off but it sank deeper into his chest and she shoved Jordan's head up and he witnessed his little brother's brown hair turning black.
Violet: See I told you he would be my daughter and he is, now let's see what I can do about you.
Violet giggled as Andy woke up and let the purple nightgown swish to the floor as he bunny hopped into Violet's arms.
Andy(In a girl's voice) Mama what are we going to do with this boy?
Violet: Well we're going to make his nightmares come true by bringing him back to Auntie Bessie's house and letting her deal with him.
Andy: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy I love nightmares just like my mommy does, especially ones that don't involve me.
Violet(Rubbing her daughters head) That's my girl.
Violet and Andy both closed their eyes as Jordan saw his dreamworld changing and he was back in Bessie's bedroom with her girnning down at him.
Bessie: I knew you couldn't stay away for long Dashy, now let's pick up where we left off.
Bessie pulled Jordan to her like he had strings and she was the puppeteer and then she threw him onto the bed cackling.
Bessie(Slinking up Jordan's body) Now let's see you resist me Jordan.
Bessie's eyes stung into Jordan's as her tongue danced up Jordan's chest and up to his mouth her giggiling at him.
Bessie: No waking up this time because Violet will just bring you back here in her own way.
Jordan smiled as Bessie's tongue neared him and he snapped his mouth shut.
Bessie: I see what your doing and pretty soon that tongue is going to feel so slimy that your going to have to resist me sooner or later.
Jordan snapped his eyes opened again glad to be rid of Bessie but he had no idea if he was really rid of her or not.
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