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Stab my back it's better if I bleed for you.....

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Backstage antics come to light.

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"Okay so you'll be in the mosh" Kyan said as he handed Cami and Ollie their backstage passes to that nights show. Cami grinned and squeezed Ollie's hand excitedly.
"I've never seen them play live" She said as they walked off the bus and over towards the stadium. They went in the backstage entrance and by-passed security with their passes and wandered over to where the band was. "I’m really looking forward to this show tonight" Ollie said smiling at the guys. "We're excited for you to see it" Frank said doing up his favourite pair of etnies and jumping up and down a few times excitedly. Ollie laughed and turned to Cami kissing her full on the lips. Gerard saw this and glared slightly at Ollie but stopped before anyone else noticed.

"Babe I’m just gonna go grab a drink I'll meet you at the entrance" he said before taking off. Cami looked at the band. "Thanks for letting us come watch you guys tonight." Cami said again and gave them each a hug before finally reaching Gerard. "Hey you better go get your spot in the mosh" he said smiling shyly at her. Cami blushed slightly and looked away. "Can you tell Ollie I’ve gone to the mosh" she said. Gerard nodded and watched as she walked away. His eyes slid down to her butt which was encased ib tight black skinny jeans. He smiled to himself. "I'm gonna go find Ollie for Cami I'll be back in a minute" he said to the guys. He walked out a door off to the side and walked down the corridor. He heard voices around the corner and little moans; he glanced around the corner and saw a girl with a black and pink pixie cut bobbing her head up and down in Ollie's crotch as he sat with his head tilted back in ecstasy at what the girl was to him. Gerard's jaw dropped and he slowly backed down the corridor, he cleared his throat loudly and heard the soft scrambling. Ollie appeared around the corner. "Oh hey Gerard what's up?" he said shoving his hands in his pockets. "I was just looking for you is all" Gerard said normally and patted Ollie on the shoulder wishing he could bash the morons head in for what he just did to Cami.

“Forget about the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took, remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor” Cami heard Gerard sing. The band had played 6 songs and Ollie had disappeared to get drinks after the third song. Cami smiled as Gerard ran around on stage he obviously loved being up there, it made Cami want to be on stage too. She had always loved singing and she wasn’t a bad singer either, she was just petrified of singing in front of a crowd. She saw Gerard scan the crowd as he sang, he caught her eye and grinned at her sexily and looked pointedly to where Ollie should have been, he shook his head and Cami shrugged her shoulders. Ollie had been gone a while and she was beginning to get worried. Cami began to push her way through the crowd and eventually made it out she walked to the drinks stand and didn’t see Ollie. She walked around the corner and saw a black and pink haired girl hugging him.
“Ollie!” Cami called out to him and Ollie looked up and pulled back from the girl. The girl narrowed her eyes at Ollie then looked at Cami. “Who’s your friend sweetie?” Cami said walking up to him and hugging him. “Ummm this is Shawna, a friend from college she’s apparently working on the tour with the guys” He said wrapping his arms around Cami who eyed Shawna up and down. Shawna was a little taller than Cami and had barbed wire tattooed around her wrist. She had black hair with streaks of pink running through it, she was wearing an iron maiden band tee and tight black skinny jeans. Cami smiled warmly at her as Shawna frowned back at her. “Well it’s nice to meet you I’m Cami” she said pulling herself closer to Ollie, Shawna glared at her before storming off. “Wow something must have bitten her in the ass” Cami said with a small giggle, Ollie laughed along uneasily. “Yeah something must have babe” he said wrapping his arm around her shoulders and steering her back towards the concert.
“’Great show guys” Kyan said slapping each band member on the back as they walked into the dressing room. Cami sat by herself on the couch, she smiled as Gerard came and sat beside her. “Where’s Ollie?” Gerard said chugging a bottle of water down, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grinned at her. “Oh he was exhausted after you guys played so he went back to the bus he’s on to go sleep” she said poking Gerard playfully. Gerard nodded to himself not really believing what Cami said, he’d bet anything that Ollie was off with that girl he’d seen him with before going on stage earlier that evening. “Hey Gee you ready to go sign autographs?” Frank said as he pulled a hoodie over his head. Gerard shook his head slowly. “I’ll be out in 15 you guys” he said as everyone else left and Cami remained behind. Gerard walked over to a vanity table and began wiping of his melted stage make up, Cami wandered over and sat down silently beside him as he cleaned his face. She watched him carefully looking at each part of his face, his face was a work of art. It was so angular, it was like he was one of God’s angels made to appear perfect but damaged and broken on the inside. Gerard turned to face Cami he looked at her face, her eyes were a beautiful brown. They felt so warm to him, she blushed scarlet as Gerard stared at her. She turned her face away slightly. Gerard gently lifted her head to face his face, he looked at her once more drinking in her image. He leaned in close and closed his eyes tilting his head ever so slightly to match hers, Cami moved subtly to. Gerard’s lips were so close she could feel the moisture from his breathing on her lips. They inched ever closer to each other.

A sudden pounding on the dressing room door made Cami and Gerard spring apart. “Gee hurry up!” They could hear Frankie whining. Gerard chuckled softly and looked at Cami again. “Hey you better go” Cami said as she stood up. “Your public awaits” she said with a smile that Gerard could have sworn she was hiding tears of sadness behind. Gerard sat til he heard the door close, he rested his head back against the mirror and sighed tiredly.

It was never the right time for him.

Authors note: Hi guys I hope you enjoyed that chapter, I have heaps of ideas for this fic for the future, it would really help if you guys reviewed. I would like to know your opinion on Cami and Gerard and where you see there relationship going. As always thanks for reading can’t wait to hear your opinions.
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