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And they gave us two shots to the back of the read and we all fall down........

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Gerard and Cami go out for dinner

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Cami sat on the couch on the guys bus, she could hear people outside laughing and talking and drinking. Cami had been texting Ollie for the past hour she'd gone to find him on his bus but he hadn't been there and he wasn't answering any of her texts. Cami sighed and got up pouring herself her 2nd cup of coffee. She heard the door to the bus open and saw Gerard walk up with a a latte from star bucks. He stopped when he saw her looking away awkwardly.

"About earlier..." Gerard began as he continued towards Cami sipping his latte.
"It's ok Gee you meant nothing by it" She said sipping her coffee and wandering back over to the couch and flopping down on to it. Gerard sat beside her sipping his latte. 'So what are you up to?" Gerard said turning his attention to Cami. "Texting Ollie and getting no response" She said sadly, Gerard sighed he knew exactly where Ollie would be. He drained the remanent of his latte and threw the cup in the trash. "Let’s go do something" Gerard said standing up and offering his hand to Cami to take. "Let’s go for a walk and get some food I’m starving." Cami nodded finally realising how hungry she actually was. She let Gerard pull her up and followed him off the bus and up the street. They walked in silence for a few minutes which wasn’t necessarily awkward. Both Cami and Gerard were off in their own worlds, Cami couldn’t help but worry about Ollie and Gerard couldn’t help but worry about Cami and how bad Ollie was treating her. They reached a pedestrian crossing and stopped standing their quietly waiting for the green man to appear.

“How long have you been dating Ollie?” Gerard said quietly pulling a cigarette from his pocket and flicking his lighter so it lit the end of it. Cami sighed as she thought. “Ummm Two and a half years” she said smiling sadly. “I love him so much it’s just so hard with him being away at college you know?” She said grinning at Gerard who nodded slowly back as he offered Cami his cigarette. Cami accepted gratefully and took a drag inhaling the smoke enjoying the seductive taste of it as she held it momentarily in her mouth then began blowing smoke rings. She caught Gerard grinning out of the corner of her eye and chuckled softly as the light finally went green and they crossed the road to the diner. They walked in and quickly found a seat in a corner booth, they ordered when the waitress came over smiling as they chose the same meal. A double cheeseburger with fries and coke. They sat there in silence for a few more seconds before Gerard finally broke it. “Whats the deal with your mom and dad if you don’t mind me asking?” Cami looked at Gerard brushing the hair from her face. “Well my mom and dad met when they were 17 and they fell in love as it happens. A year later my mom got pregnant with me and well the only acceptable option in my grandparents eyes was for them to get married. So they got married and 5 months later had me. They broke up a year later and Dad moved away Mom stayed and got custody of me in New York City. I’ve been surrounded by know it all princess bitches since I was born” She said making Gerard laugh hard. She watched him as he laughed it was the first time she’d ever seen him let go like that around her to laugh so free and easy, she felt her stomach flip slightly at it. She looked down weirdly placing a hand on her stomach rubbing it gently.

“Are you okay?” Gerard said looking at her with concern. Cami nodded as their food arrived, she gratefully picked up her coke and sipped at it furiously glad she had something to distract her from the weird feelings that were starting to pick up. They ate in relative silence as there weren’t many other people eating in the diner that late at Night; they soon finished their meals and sat in silence waiting for their lemon meringue pie slices they had ordered for dessert. Suddenly the bell at the door rang signalling new customers. Cami glanced up to see who it was, her appetite suddenly disappearing. She watched as Ollie wrapped his arms around the black and pink haired girl pulling her in hungrily for a kiss. Cami felt her heart break in a million pieces it was like the world had suddenly stopped moving. She watched as they broke apart and Ollie glanced around the diner, his eyes finally coming to rest on Cami growing wide as he spotted her. “Cami!” He called as she pushed herself out of the booth and out of the other exit towards the back of the restaurant. Gerard looked up just noticing the tail end of the situation he frowned at Ollie and strode over to him angrily. Ollie looked at him and went to open his mouth. “Ge..” but he never finished that sentence as Gerards fist slammed into his mouth knocking Ollie to the ground in shock, he heard the girl scream and kneel down beside Ollie. But Gerard was too angry to give a shit he ran out of the Diner and looked around the darkened street for Cami.

But she was already gone.


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