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I cross my heart and hope to die at all

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Cami is hurting, and observations are made

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“Shot through the heart and you're to blame
Darlin' you give love, a bad name

Gerard heard the old song blasting from the bus when he eventually got back to the venue a couple of hours later. Frank had texted him to say Cami had come back in tears and was refusing to talk to anyone even her dad. Gerard saw Frank with Bob smoking at the door of the bus.

“Has she come out yet?” Gerard said taking Bob’s cigarette and taking a long drag before handing it back to him. They shook their heads sadly, Gerard sighed sadly and walked onto the bus, he made his way to the back of the bus where the bunks were and pulled back the curtain on Cami’s slowly. He felt his heart break in two as he saw a defeated figure curled up in a ball crying quietly, her i-pod was hooked up to a small pair of speakers blasting Atreyu's cover of Bon Jovi's You give love a bad name. Cami looked as if she had the life sucked out of her. He saw her red puffy eyes; it was like the light that had once been there had gone out. Gerard watched as she turned and saw Gerard. He sat down beside her on her bed pulling Cami into his arms. She started to sob into his chest as he gently patted her back and made soothing shh noises. It killed him to see her like this.
“He’s an idiot Cami; if he’s stupid enough to cheat on someone like you then he doesn’t know he’s lost one of the greatest girl’s in existence. He’s scum; actually he’s worse than scum. He’s...” Gerard paused momentarily and looked down at Cami. “What’s worse than scum?” Cami looked up at him through red eyes bleary from the crying she had been doing for the past half hour.
“My Mother”
Gerard burst out laughing which made Cami giggle and hiccup through her tears. Gerard gently wiped a tear away with his thumb as Cami slowly began to calm down. A few minutes later she eventually stopped crying. Gerard pulled away and got up to leave.
“Wait don’t go, I don’t want to be alone tonite. Can you stay here with me?” she said pleading with her eyes. Gerard sighed. “Okay but just for tonight.” Gerard lay down and rested his head on the other pillow letting Cami’s breathing gently lull him to sleep.

“Should we wake them up?” Frank said looking at Ray with a mischievous grin. Ray shook his head disapprovingly at Frank.
“They look cute Frankie leave em’ alone” he said frowning disapprovingly at Frank who was grinning evilly. The two looked at Gerard and Cami sleeping. Gerard had both his arms wrapped around Cami as she had her head buried in the crook of his neck. They looked so peaceful like that together. They looked like they fit together.
“What are you guys looking at?” Kyan said as he walked into the bunk area followed by Mikey and Bob. “Oh just these two” Frank said stepping back to reveal Cami and Gerard cuddled up together in her bed. Kyan smiled slightly, he had to admit they did look cute sleeping like that together. “I’ll wake them up” He said laughing quietly. He opened his mouth and began to yell in an older woman’s voice.
“Gerard Arthur Way! What is this young lady doing in your bed?! You have school today!” Everyone laughed as Gerard shot up awake smacking his head on the bunk above. He turned his head and saw the rest of the band and Kyan laughing. He felt Cami stir beside him but not wake up. They watched as he climbed out of the bed. He groaned and rubbed his head walking to the front of the bus to pour himself a coffee and ease the embarrassment of what had just happened.

Cami rolled over in bed, she felt the empty space beside her. Gerard had obviously gone. She sighed and grabbed her sidekick from under her pillow. There were 10 missed calls and 12 new messages. She knew who they would be from, she deleted them all and made a mental note to change her number when she had time. Cami walked into the small bathroom on the bus and showered letting the hot water sting her skin with the intensity of the temperature. When she felt like she had been scalded enough, she got out of the shower and dressed. She pulled on her favourite black skinny jeans with her dark red singlet top. She put a black headband with a bow on it in her hair and pulled on her vans along with her favourite black hoodie before getting off the bus. Cami turned the corner and bumped into someone. She looked at the familiar girl and smiled.

“Jamia right?” She said as the girl smiled. Jamia nodded. “Hey Cami right?” she said Cami nodded and both girls laughed. “How’s the tour treating you?” Jamia said as the girls began to walk over to the small tent they usually set up for breakfast. It was mostly empty by now, there were a few roadies sitting around chatting and drinking coffee. Cami and Jamia grabbed a mug of coffee each and some croissants before sitting down together at a small table in the corner.
“Not so bad” Cami said as she ripped off a bit of croissant and putting it in her mouth sipping her coffee. Jamia nodded “Really? I thought they’d be going great. Its great when your on tour with the boys. I love being with Frank he’s my soul-mate you know” she said and flashed her massive engagement ring at Cami. Cami had a sharp intake of breath at the size of the diamond on Jamia’s ring finger. “Frank has good taste” she said with a smile at Jamia. Jamia grinned at her and took a sip of her coffee, she looked Cami up and down. “You know Im surprised your not dating Gerard you seem his type” she said out of nowhere. Cami coughed and regained her composure as Jamia laughed , that weird flipping thing was happening in her stomach at the mention of Gerards name was happening again. She ignored it and watched as Jamia finished her coffee and glanced at her watch. “I gotta go hun meeting with the wedding planner” she said smiling genuinely at her. Cami nodded as Jamia promised they’d do this again soon.

Cami sat there quietly in wonder, tilting her head to one side thinking carefully.

Was she really Gerard’s type?

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