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And we all fall down...

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Things take a turn for the worse...

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Cami’s eyes slowly fluttered open, she looked over at the other side of the bed to see Gerard had gone but left a note behind.

I’ve gone to do sound check and some press with the band for tonight’s show. If I’m not back when you wake up; I should get back around 5:00.
Gerard xxxx

Cami smiled slightly and crawled out of bed. She pulled her clothes back on just as there was a knock on the door. She wandered over to her door and opened it to see her mom there with her suitcase.

“You ready to come home sweetie?” Julia said as she strolled into her daughter’s room. Cami walked over to her already packed suitcase. She grabbed a sheet of paper from the hotel’s stationary and quickly wrote something. She slipped it into an envelope and into her pocket before collecting her suitcase and following her mom out the door. A few moments later they arrived down in the lobby and checked out. “I’ll just be in the car sweetie” Julia said to Cami, Cami nodded and turned her attention to the concierge.
“Can you see that Gerard Way gets this?” Cami said handing over the envelope. “Of course miss I’ll see that he gets it” he said with a service friendly smile. Cami smiled sadly yet gratefully at the concierge. She walked slowly thru the lobby and out the front doors. The driver of the car took her suitcase from her and put it in the back. Cami took one last glance up at the hotel, a small tear rolled down her cheek slowly before dropping silently onto the cracked sidewalk. Cami quickly brushed her cheek and slid into the back seat beside her mother.

“This show is going to be amazing tonight” Gerard said smiling at Frank, Frank nodded. Gerard had been in an unusually good mood all afternoon.
“What’s with you Gee? Why are you so happy?” Frank said suspiciously as they followed Bob and Ray into the lobby.
“No reason Frankie” Gerard said with a mysterious grin. He chuckled as Frank pouted at him. He couldn’t wait to get back up to Cami’s room and see her. Earlier being with her had been amazing for him. He couldn’t wait to hold her again in his arms like he’d done earlier that day.

“Mr Way!” The concierge called out from the front desk. Gerard turned to see the man walking towards him an envelope in his hand. Gerard raised an eyebrow curious to know what was in that envelope. “This for you, it’s from Miss Walker.” Gerard just nodded he just assumed Cami had gone out and left a note for him at the front desk, Gerard followed Frank into the elevator. Frank pressed the button for the floor they were staying on as Gerard leaned his back against the wall of the elevator. He carefully unfolded the note, he began to read the note his expression changing very quickly.

I’m sorry but I have to leave. I can’t tell you why because I’m not even supposed to know. Today what happened between us was something special, I never meant to let you down but believe me it’s better off this way.
I’m Sorry.
Love Always,
Cami xxxx

Gerard felt the oncoming tears and the anger; he felt the frustration building in his body. He lifted his fist and slammed it into a painting which hung in the elevator. The glass shattered quickly and broke shocking Frank. Frank turned to see Gerard’s fist bleeding with little bits of glass stuck into the cuts.
“Gee what the fuck was that for?” Frank exclaimed looking at Gerard’s bloodied fist holding the letter then at the shattered painting.

“It’s nothing” He said as the elevator doors opened and he stormed off into his room nursing his injured hand. Gerard slammed the door behind him cursing at the pain in his hand. He walked into his ensuite and picked the glass with a pair of complementary tweezers he dropped the bloodied glass into the small bin and cleaned the cut with antiseptic. He bandaged his hand with a first aid kit he found under the sink. He walked back into his room and opened the mini bar; he frowned at the selection and picked up the phone to dial room service.
“I need a bottle of Vodka, I don’t care as long as it’s fucking cold” Gerard growled through the phone at the receptionist. Gerard walked over to his bed and opened the bedside drawer pulling out a small thing of Ambien. He took three and swallowed them dry just as there was a knock on the door. Gerard opened it snatching the bottle and slamming the door in the face of the room service person. He opened the bottle and raised it to hid lips letting the vodka burn his throat as it ran down it slowly. Gerard sat on his bed switching on the TV taking occasional swigs from the bottle as he slowly slipped into oblivion.

“Hey sweetie we’re home” Julia said gently shaking Cami awake as the limo pulled up to the building. Cami groaned rubbing her eyes as she stepped out of the car, she let the driver grab her bags and followed her mother inside. They rode the elevator in silence up to the penthouse. The silence only broke when they entered the seemingly cold penthouse. Cami didn’t notice as her sidekick fell out of her pocket onto the floor.
“Mom, I’m exhausted I’m going to bed” Cami said her eyes dropped heavily. Julia nodded and watched as her daughter walked up the stairs to her bedroom on the second floor of the penthouse. Julia saw her daughter’s sidekick on the floor; she walked over to it glancing down at it before stepping on it with the heel of her suede boot crushing it. She grinned to herself maliciously as she watched the maid sweep the remnants of Cami’s sidekick.

Everything was going the way she wanted it to.

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